Antique French Dollīs and Couture Doll Clothes by WhenDreamsComeTrue Doll-Shop
Rare Mademoiselle "Lily" from ~ Lavallee - Peronne ~ Paris Doll Shop
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Rare decorative French Dolls Faux - Watch and Chain
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Lovely all olriginal French Poupee Accessory Presentation in Box
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Rare 11,5 " ~ Bebe Incassable ~ by Emile Douillet
Superb French Small Bebe Silk Costume with Bonnet for 11" Doll
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Darling original all Bisque Barfoot Kestner Mignonette
French Bisque Engraved DEPOSE Jumeau from " Au Nain Bleu " Shop
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RESERVED ... for A.
Superb French Faux - Watch Poupee Pin in Original Box for Mlle. Lily
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Rare French antique Plaid Costume for Bebe Jumeau
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Rare French Mademoiselle Mignonette with Bare Feet
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Lovely 19th. Century Garden Pavillon
LovelyTwo Piece Mode Enfantine for Huret , Rohmer ...
Rare French Miniature Poupee Leather Necessaire / 1860/65th.
From Family Property Emile Jumeau Bebe with original Trousseau 1880th.
RESERVED for C. :)
Early 19th. Century all Original French minature Country Stove
Rare 1880th. French Doll all Wooden Walker
Rare small French Poupee Silk Parasol for Huret , Rohmer .....
Rare Huret era French Poupee Ankle Boots
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