Antique French Dollīs and Couture Doll Clothes by WhenDreamsComeTrue Doll-Shop
Exquisite original " Huret " mark Kid Body / 1855th.
Light Rose French size 6 Bebe Shoes
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Darling size 4 French Bebe Jumeau with lovely clothing
Rare 1860th. Hand-Knitted Fingerless Poupee Gloves
Rare Embossed French Poupee Leather Neccessaire / 1864th.
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Rare French Poupee Dance Card Book / circa 1860
Mademoiselle " FG " with Trunk and her Wardrobe from Paris Doll Shop
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" Emma " a Cute Childlike French Papermache Girl /1840th.
Superb " Chambre a Coucher" French miniature Presentation Room Box
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French Bisque Poupee by Jumeau with original Gown
Rare 1860th. Poupee Hoop Crinoline with cotton cover
Exquisite 4 piece Costume for Huret era Poupee about 1860th.
Rare early 1860th. Fancy silk Bonnet by Mlle. Bereux 1860th.
Lovely French Enfantine Poupee Muslin Gown for Huret , Rohmer 1860th.
Reserved for L.
Fine one of a kind all Hand embroidered Bebe Costume with Bonnet
Rare French Bisque Portrait Poupee by Jumeau
Super French Bebe 4 piece Polichinell Costume
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Luxury French Rosewood Vitrine by Maison Giroux