Antique French Dollīs and Couture Doll Clothes by WhenDreamsComeTrue Doll-Shop
Pretty French All Wooden Body Bisque Poupee with lovely Pique Costume
~~~ Attic Condition Antique French Poupee Kid Body ~~~
~~~ Beautiful French Bebe Costume with Bonnet ~~~
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~~~ Rare Antique French Bebe Shoes by Jullien with Stocking ~~~
Lovely Original Antique French 6 Piece Bebe Ensemble / 1880
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Lovely French Silk and Wool Three Piece Bebe Costume
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Pretty Antique French 19th. Century Pique Coat Bebe Dress
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French Bisque BeBe Jumeau Size 9 in Pretty Costume
Rare Series A original Premier French Bisque Bebe by Jules Steiner
Rare French Poupee Pagoda Design Parasol all Original / circa 1865
~~~ Childlike Cabinet size French Mystery Bebe with Shy Expression ~~~
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~~~ Most Beautiful French Doll Bonnet in his Box ~~~
~~~ Most beautiful Fancy Antique Doll Straw Bonnet ~~~
Stunning original French Block-Letter Bisque Bebe by Gaultier
~~~Maison Jumeau rare Blue Bead Necklace and Brooch in Box ~~~
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Lovely Antique Three Piece LadyÂīs Gown with Train for ca. 24" / 25"
Rare French Bisque Premier Motchman Bebe by Steiner all Original
~~~ Beautiful Maison Jumeau Bebe Parasol with Dog Handle ~~~